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  • Magento

    Magento Commerce.

    Magento Commerce

    Welcome to eCommerce Evolved. Welcome to Magento. Gartners have ranked Magento as Leaders in Digital Commerce. What else is required. Open Source code written using PHP's Zend Framework, easy to customize, flexible and allows use of custom CSS. On top of all this deploy your e-commerce on worlds famous Cloud platforms like AWS or Google.

  • pick To Vision

    Your CRM

    Worlds #1 CRM

    For your success in business, you need the best CRM. How about working on worlds best CRM?
    Salesforce has every thing you need and we can customize more and more to make it work for you better.

  • Why is Lion King of Jungle

    Why is Lion King of Jungle?

    Why is Lion the King of Jungle

    Lion is not the tallest, is not the biggest or fastest but yet it is the king of the jungle.
    The qualities that Lion carry are courage, Boldness, Will to try and believe in possible with a Can Do Attitude.

  • VR Hospitals

    VR in Hospitality

    Virtual Room Service

    Marriott Hotels early this month has declared the launch of “Virtual Room Service” – a first-of-its-kind guest service that permits guests to order ennobling virtual reality experiences to their rooms. Created unitedly with Samsung electronics America, “Virtual Room Service” is a 1st within the travel industry. The launch represents the most recent in an exceedingly series of innovations by the Marriott International flagship brand that are ever-changing how people travel.

  • pick To Vision

    Pick To Vision

    Pick2Light to PickByVision

    Pickavis Pick to Vision glasses has changed the way we see Warehouse logistics. This can be used to pick lots or Parts for Kitting. The earlier days of manual picksheets and Pick to Light are history now. All it requires is a have your existing Logistics system talk to Pickavis Smart Glass. Implemented in few sites by Pickavis and Mithcon is ready with the technology.

  • Big Data And Analytics

    Big Data And Analytics

    Big Data and Analytics

    Confused? Have people confused you enough talking about Big Data and Analytics. Harward Business Review explains what is Big Data and Analytics. Hope now you know how you can engage our Data Scientists, Business Consultants and Technology Specialists to help you with your needs.

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It was an amazing experience to work with Mithcon during our e-commerce launch. Within a short span of 15 days they turned around our e-commerce site.

Mithcon's team provides quick response by fixing the issues promptly

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